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About Grants | SBD® Doulas

I DOULA MISSIONS addresses the validation crisis involved in:

  • aspects of maternity and neonatal care that are poorly recognized and supported, including pregnancy and infant loss, difficult and fatal diagnoses, newborn adoption, emergency fostering or shelter, NICU care.

I DOULA MISSIONS addresses the provision crisis involved in:

  • aspects of maternity care that suffer provisionally, including countries and communities parched by a lack of medical care, and neglected maternity and neonatal healthcare needs.


SBD® doulas serve families in the midst of all varieties of these situations.  We at I DOULA MISSIONS desire SBD® doulas to be able to identify and respond to such crises with quality of discernment and love.  Therefore we desire to establish a small, stipend-like grant that SBD® doulas, after serving in such circumstances, can apply for and receive financial reimbursement based on qualifying and prioritizing factors to be determined in the application process.

If you would like to partner with us in this provision, please use our giving page.  Our heart is to make the birth experience, and the bereavement experience, better.  We need your support.

If you are a prospective SBD® Doula and need financial support in entering the doula program, please visit stillbirthday and the sponsorships and scholarships available.

If you are a credentialed SBD® Doula and have served a family under financial or circumstantial crisis, please use our application for this grant opportunity.