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I DOULA MISSIONS addresses the provisional crisis and the validation crisis in maternity and neonatal healthcare globally.  Here’s how.

Here are services provided by I DOULA MISSIONS:

—a certified Birth & Bereavement Doula® for mothers of every birth experience in every trimester.
We do this through:

  • missions trips
  • awarding grants/scholarships for service to SBD® Doulas

—access to Birth & Bereavement Doula® training in marginalized demographics.
We do this through:

  • learning alongside traditional birth attendants in rural villages
  • providing on-site training and mentorship by and for missionary doulas


I DOULA MISSIONS addresses the validation crisis involved in:

  • aspects of maternity and neonatal care that are poorly recognized and supported, including pregnancy and infant loss, difficult and fatal diagnoses, newborn adoption, emergency fostering or shelter, NICU care.

I DOULA MISSIONS addresses the provision crisis involved in:

  • aspects of maternity care that suffer provisionally, including countries and communities parched by a lack of medical care, and neglected maternity and neonatal healthcare needs.